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I hope you find some video that you like. Remember that you can get your personalized order. You don't forget to follow me. Let me know in the comments if you want me to send you a message. Kisses.❤❤


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Contact me please
Can you dm me about a custom?
DM me for a custom! ☺️
Hi, could you please message me about a custom video? Thank you
Hi babe do dm me so we can discuss!
Hello. I would love to discuss the details of a custom vid if you could message me. Thank you.
I really like big pregnant bellies. Find that very sexy. Especially in late pregnancy with contractions. The hard belly, the discomfort, the breathing... I don't know, it really turns me on. Do you plan on accepting custom that includes contraction at the end of pregnancy?
Hi. I was wondering, if you could DM me for a custom video?
Hello!!! I was wondering if you could message me when you have time as I would like to discuss a possible pregnancy custom
if you have time, I would like to get some information regarding a pregnant custom. thank you.