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September, 25

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If you want to discuss a custom video, commenting here isn't sufficient to get Me to DM you. You need to tip or purchase any video to get access to messaging Me. Once you have, I'll be happy to discuss the graphic details of your potential custom, but until then I'm unavailable to talk shop.
Hi, I am thinking of a custom, could you text me?
MoeDoe @MoeDoe3 years ago
Hi there!! New fan of your hot content :) please DM me if you’re interested in a custom. It’s a pretty simple idea. Thanks :)
ello, Lady. Can you make me a Medical gloves Video? . Like to see you with long Snow  Dark or fire red  Polischt Fingernails, Red Lipps and Heavy Makeup  Change 5 times the gloves please Like to see you put on Medical Gloves, Make a nice Handjob With any Clovechanges in the Handjob . Use Diverent Medical Gloves. Make with Gloves a Handjob, Ballplay and Nippleplay. and make a nice Handjob with many cum over Gloves.  with many Lube und any Glovechanges.use 1 time a condom.  . Can you make it so for me? Using Diverent Gloves Latex, Vinylgloves, Clear , Transparent and White Medical Gloves and Sterile Medical  Gloves
Hello Girl. Can you make me a Coustom Video. You have long Snow White or Silver Metallic  Fingernails. Make Masturbation Play, Fingering pussy use Vibrator and Dildo .Making Handjob in the Video with Medical Gloves. You Change 5 Times the gloves in the Video diverent  Medical and Sterile OR latex  Gloves .  can you make this
qdog206 @qdog2064 years ago
I'm new here, your nails are awesome please let them grow longer and do some scratching videos. Like scratch balls and cock while hj, bj or fucking, thanks in advance.
Hey! Can you message me about your customs? Thanks!
Do you feedee/Stuffing Customs?
laouli @laouli7 years ago
Hi miss I'm interested for a custom Can you send me an msg to talk about it? have a good day