Cum Lube Jar


Get a leak proof jar of cum lube used by me! This listing is for pussy lube. If you'd like anal, select "make the panty dirty with pussy juice". Jars are 4oz and will have just under 4oz of cum lube in them. **BE SURE TO SELECT THE BAGGING OPTION**

Quantity: 97
Size: OS
Condition: Very Dirty



Can I reuse it on myself ?

Is that your own pussy cream?

Analmaster1643 Jan 14 2023

Can you make one with anal lube pussy lube spit squirt and pee

LittleAl69 Dec 29 2022

Please let me know when they are available ?

magic1023 Sep 25 2022

are they available?

LittleAl69 Jan 30 2022

Are these still available ?

Cattie Jan 31 2022

Yes, just add to your cart(:

JBond_007 Nov 22 2021

Hi, Is this still available? Please write me.  Thank you.

Cattie Nov 22 2021

Yes. All you have to do is add it to your cart

Ognmonte Nov 5 2020

Hey, are you still offering this? PM?

Cattie Nov 5 2020

You can add it to your cart, yes

Chris Lai Oct 27 2020

How much for the video that show you making this delicious thing?

L7ongbow deleted Feb 15 2020

This would make perfect lube for a sex doll. Is it fresh? Please respond to us, this is our only way of communication without "paying" to ask you questions.

Sf2010 Feb 6 2019

Are you still selling this item?

sydneyvicious Aug 9 2018

Can I purchase a jar of anal cum lube and also pay for a custom video just for me of you making it?

tater_666 Aug 6 2018

I've never seen used this type of lube before.  How many uses do you think I would get out of it?

Cattie Mar 21 2018

There's just under 4oz of cum lube in them

Hkevin5992 Mar 21 2018

Fresh to and how much cum lube is in the jar? I’d be interested in pussy and anal lube that comes out of you.

Zarkamas000 Feb 4 2018

Is this lube that has been inside you

Cattie Feb 4 2018

Says right in the listing :P Yes

jdiggs322 Jan 17 2018

Is this available and is it made to order/fresh?

Cattie Jan 17 2018

It is and yes! Will PM you

jdiggs322 Jan 27 2018

Hey message me please. It won't let me message you back.

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