CEO Pants


Featuring an eye-catching pattern throughout, this two-piece crop top and leggings set is as bold as it is attractive. This set is only available in one size (fits like a M/L).

Remaining: 2
Condition: New
Only Size


Thchic88 Nov 27

Whoever gets me this will receive 2 videos and a 5 minute custom

anyone who sends me this for my birthday will get spoiled with your choice of videos ;)

cool :)

digital_geisha Feb 24 2023

I would love so much to come to the gym in this 

SkyAnthro Apr 13 2022


Gypsysouls66 Feb 18 2022

I want this if a filler gifted this I would try it on and strip it off and more in a custom vid!!!

asianqueentaeha deleted Jul 13 2021

i want this so bad its so cute

Anyway can purchase just leggings?

Miss_Maddie9123 deleted Oct 28 2020

How long are the legs??

Alita Nova Sep 28 2020

I'd wear this everywhere

Naughty_Andrea May 30 2020

This is so cute!
I'd love it if a follower gifted this to me.

Ebonycamgirl deleted May 24 2020

I'll really love to own 1 of these. :]

RachelAdams Mar 27 2020

Would love this :)

Ashlynn Shea Dec 1 2019

Gift please. Lol.

Nata Sweet Nov 25 2019

Super!!!  Gift me please it.

purplelily19 Oct 25 2019

How cute it is:A

Celestxcaity Feb 19 2019

I absolutely love this! ❤️❤️

My birthday is this weekend. if anyone wants to get me a gift this would make an amazing one haha

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