Cummy Gummies


Enjoy my favorite treat with a hint of me added to the mix! If you are looking to order more than 1 bag, please message me so I can make a custom listing for you (will not be charged multiple times for shipping this way). This is for a single bag (you will only get to choose either oral, vaginal or sweaty foot treats) of either gummy bears or worms (will vary by what I have readily available). Check "make panty dirty with pussy juice" to have me squirt into your bag or make them extra cummy. (If no preference is given, by default you will be given extra cummy.) DO NOT FORGET TO CHECK "SEAL ITEM IN PLASTIC BAG"! Order a custom video to see them be made! Discreet shipping! Want something specific additional to your order? Here's a few options I have readily available:-Vacuum Seal Gummies: Cum On Gummies:'t see what you're looking for? Message me! Tags: ass fetish/anal/asshole fetish, smell fetish, taste fetish, candy, gummy worms/gummy bears/gummy candy/gummy candies/gummies



I received your Gummies. Thanks for making them tastier. xoxo ;-)

Cattie Feb 13


Hello Kitty! I want to take your bears. Tell me exactly what video should I order to see how you do it?

Still available? Shipping cost?:)

Cattie Jan 11

Yes & shipping is shown upon adding to your cart/checkout

Are you still selling these?

Cattie Jul 1


Still available?

Cattie Mar 17

Unless an item is marked as sold, it’s available.

Light42 Mar 1

Where do you ship from? Can you msg me

chrisw94 Jan 25 2023

Please dm me about this

SilverDante Oct 24 2022

How long till these are available?

LoBo44 deleted Jan 6 2022

These still available?

elpadre616 Sep 29 2021

Hi, I would like to purchase these but I live in France, could I get more details for shipping please :)

Cattie Aug 24 2021


Orion_pax Aug 21 2021

Can it be ship to Puerto Rico?

elpadre616 Sep 29 2021

Could you message me please to talk about details? :)

Mygoodvibes deleted May 21 2021

Dm me

GonzPR Mar 24 2021

Pm me please

ArchMagusFaust Dec 15 2020

Absolutely wonderful! Informative and speedy (plus very, very tasty)! I also had a video made to accompany them and highly recommend it!

Mochi710 deleted Nov 8 2020

How much for 1 day shiping?

Cattie Nov 9 2020

Please PM me

Lightshow Sep 8 2020

How much for 2

Amgator918 deleted Dec 22 2019

She was very informative and speedy on sending them. I’m ordering more now!

Json773 Jul 4 2019

How much is it with a video saying my name

Dangus27 Jun 28 2019

If I wanted to order the cummy gummies and fresh cookies,how much would I have to pay for a  video of both  and also with the fresh cookies how much would I have to pay to get your cum mixed with the batter and glazed over the top of the cookies

aolostopper Apr 26 2019

Do I get a custom video with the purchase

Cattie Apr 26 2019

It does not come with 1, no. But you can request one for an additional fee.

Blbmaestro Apr 25 2019

Wonderful, pleasantly surprised by the experince. They really pair well with a video.

Saxton Hancock
Saxton Hancock deleted Jul 22 2020

Does she taste good?😋

drunkemoji Apr 1 2019

When shipping is the return address discreet on package?

Cattie Apr 1 2019


Json773 Feb 13 2019

Hi. How much to add a vid of u making them saying my name?

Clint6 deleted Jan 31 2019

PM me about an order please

Seanryan111 Jan 13 2019

I'd love a pack of these with the toy you decide to sell for sure to major shippin easier

julian2001 deleted Oct 7 2018

Can I have ass gummies?

Cattie Oct 8 2018

You can find anal gummies in my store here:

1lownbs deleted Aug 24 2018

How long does shipping take?

Cattie May 15 2018

Lmao get creative

oddceey deleted May 15 2018

How can you "Wear the item"?

Anxious_Subby deleted Jul 2 2018

I wonder what they are like

ImLovinIt deleted Mar 8 2018

Hey I have a question about this, could you PM me please?

Hungry1285 deleted Dec 7 2017

Hey can you pm me please.

Wdrhikdb Nov 29 2017

How discreet is your shipping?

Cattie Nov 29 2017

Well enough that I've never had any complaints

everyman91 Nov 5 2017

hey am goin to buy this just a heads up

Cattie Nov 5 2017

No need for a heads up. But I look forward to it(:

Cattie Oct 3 2017

It depends if you are located within the US or are international. I'll PM you.

Loneis91 Oct 3 2017

How much would 1 day shipping cost?

nixnax78 Jul 2 2017

Do you ship internationally?

Cattie Jul 2 2017

For these, yes

JerkMeinhoff Mar 7 2017

I'd like to order a batch w/ a video if possible. Please message me.

Eyedintiy deleted Jan 23 2017

Hey would u do 1 day shipping

Cattie Jan 23 2017

Will message you

Niko88 Sep 7 2016

Hey hun.
I'm interested in reordering some anal flavored gummies.
How much for the custom video with my name in it?

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