Stuffed Thong By Bella 5 Star!


Get a stuffed worn thong, comes with a movie showing me stuffing your thong in my pussy! ;-) please include email adress for movie to be sent to with purchase :)

Remaining: 104
Condition: Dirty



Please message if these are still available

deviant3030 Apr 4 2023

Hi is this still available?

stress4 Feb 26 2023

Is this still available?

KF1234 Aug 30 2021

Are these still available?

Hardwell1 May 12 2020

Sigue disponible

Nialll121 deleted Feb 11 2020

Can you message me x

Lossmo Sep 3 2018

Hello could you msg me got  few questions

Rocksmash78 deleted May 10 2018

Hi in interested on buying I have a question can you message me

zeoste Feb 15 2018

Hello beautiful, this still available?

BellaBooX Feb 26 2018


te8547 Oct 3 2017

Noticed you haven't been active in a while, are these still for sale?

BellaBooX Jul 26 2017

yes sure :)

kojipan Jul 25 2017

Is it possible to get a set (Bra, Panties)?

Ashe123 Jun 27 2017

Can i choose the panty or do you send them random?

BellaBooX Jun 27 2017

random sorry babe if you want to choose you pic custom

sstewy22 Dec 10 2016

Do you ship them to france ?

BellaBooX Dec 13 2016

yes sure  x

Hardking deleted Nov 9 2016

What do you get extra if I choose Make the panty dirty with pussy juice?

BellaBooX Nov 10 2016

you get extra wetx

kaffemaffehaffe Oct 24 2016

Hello and wow! So cute and sexy! Is it the same video for every panty or is it a new one for each one?

BellaBooX Nov 10 2016

new babe x

Pohomu deleted Aug 23 2016

Is it bagged?

BellaBooX Aug 23 2016

Yes :*)

jjdoneup Jun 7 2016

Definitely interested my email is

BellaBooX Jun 8 2016

hey yeah I do all items are sent discreet :)

jared762 deleted Feb 20 2016

Hi BellaBoo! I just have a question, do you offer "discreet shipping"?

BellaBooX Jan 11 2016

hey sure thing :) x

Dwn4trbl44 deleted Jan 6 2016

Very interested!!!!! Can you email me at

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