I Will Send You My Dirty Stripper Heels


I need a New pair of stripper heels I am tired of my old ones. I will send you my old shoes I haves danced in them for over a year, they have been sweated in alot, I have let guy cum on them in the vip rooms and my slutty spray tan has rubbed off on them!! I am selling them for 400 I paid 300 with that you also get a 2 min video of me walking around my apartment in some slutty lingerie (you pick the color) and 10 pictures of me modeling them for you!

Quantity: 1
Size: 5 1/2
Condition: Worn many times


macktruck Dec 6 2018

I would love to lick the jizz off these for you maam!

ClutchKevin Feb 14 2016

You should make a vid of you masturbating while wearing these , id definitely buy it !

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