Darling Lilac $9.99

Hello everyone! :)Here's a new, pretty little set for you all! :)I had something else planned for this week, but as always, i ruined my pedicure and had to change colors since my yellow nail polish was not acting very nice to me.... So, i went with a pretty lilac, and i remembered i had these beautiful leggings that would go perfectly with this color, and to top all that, my dear friend Mike sent me these beautiful baby blue sandals, so it was a perfect match! Thank you mike! :) I decided to name it Darling Lilac because i think my feet look super sweet in this color, i'm sure you guys will agree... ;)I decided to just model and show off my pretty little feet in this set, as i mentioned, i think they look super cute in this color, and i love how they match my leggings and sandals. I really love teasing you guys with my pretty little feet, they are so soft... i couldn't keep my hands off them.. haha. I know you would love to touch my little feet... ;)I hope you guys like this as much as i do! ;)

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