Worn Panties


Purchase any pair of KW dirty, worn panties... sent straight to your door. They have been snuggled up against my smooth, soft and delicious pussy and ass. By default all my products are lightly worn, meaning they are worn all day long during my normal activities. If you want me to get them really dirty, for example while working out at the gym or cummed in while wearing them, please choose the "Make the panties dirty with pussy juice " when purchasing. All pairs will be sealed at no extra cost and discretely shipped. I will contact you have after purchasing via email for preferences and additional "extra cum" options. Why not add a custom video with your order too, or a cute Polariod (signed photo option)?

Remaining: 987
Condition: Worn many times
Only Size



cosmicpandaa Sep 15 2022

was looking at get your panties, would it be possible to have them also stuffed in your pussy, in a video aswell possibly? 😊

Bigandy345 Sep 17 2021

Hi babe can i choose which pair i get if i was to purchase these from you an id be interested in getting u to do a custom video for me of u wearing them in it, if ud be up for doing it then DM me please babes,  thank you xx

Brovechkin Apr 16 2016

Been waiting for a soaked pair for a while now! Love the bitcoin option, cum in them multiple times and I will do business again.


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