Fall As Fuck Filthy Facial in 1080p HD

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I welcome you with open arms into My sweet fall escape. I have the heat up so we can enjoy each other in next to nothing. I tell you what I love and hate about the fall. Seeing you hidden in your clothes makes My mind wander and fantasize. Now that I get to see all of you, exposed for Me, I just want to worship, kiss, lick, touch, and suck every inch. I kiss your exposed abs and thighs, before kissing over your boxers along your growing cock. I take you into My mouth and let you grow between My lips, sucking you slowly just until you're at full attention. I take you into both of My hands and cover you in sloppy strings of spit. There are bubbles of My saliva on My hands, your cock, My lips from how hard I'm stroking and sucking. I smile wide when I begin to taste your precum, presenting My pretty face to be painted. I lick up just enough to blow bubbles with your cum, and show you after I swallow it down like a good girl before licking every remnant off of your cock and balls.

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