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The Prisoner Exchange - Part 4

36 Views · nov 29, 2023
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Part 1 available here: Part 2 available here: Part 3 available here: So, here we are, sissy. It’s been quite a whirlwind journey since you came to see me yesterday. Things have been incredibly intense for you and now here you are, about to be incarcerated for a crime my alpha boyfriend committed. You’ve been sissified and chastised, your DNA and identity have been taken from you, but you will continue to work for me whilst in prison, so I can reap the benefits of your work. Everything has fallen into place incredibly well in my deliciously manipulative plan and frankly, it’s what we both deserve. You, humiliated, enslaved and imprisoned whereas I shall be rich, free and having achieved celebrity status in the world at your expense. You were no match for my mesmerizing, mind fucking skills. I’ll be leaving you a gift – a life-sized model of my alpha boyfriend’s cock, which you will be licking and sucking every single day in your cell, my little cuckolded bitch! I’ve turned your entire world upside down before you even knew what was happening and now, you’re left to face the rest of your life, confined and enslaved as my sissified, chastised, cuckolded slave!

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