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Oct 6 24 comments 1,900

Today we are giving our new MV Popsicle T-Shirt to one lucky winner for our weekly #MVGearGiveaway.

With royal blue soft fabric covered with layers of MV Treats - this is a great, trendy way to represent MV subtly and in style!

Who do you think should win? Vote now!

Comment below and tell us who you voted for!

Want to be part of a future MV Gear Giveaway? Email to be put on the list!

If you don't want to wait, head over to our Official MV Store to purchase this cute tee and other cool gear for yourselves or send some to your favorite MV Stars!

Congratulations toDestinationkat! You won the MV Popsicle T-Shirt!
  • Alex Coal 12.9%
  • Amandarox 9.5%
  • Destinationkat 70.7%
  • Tinytwat 6.9%

Gratz Kitty kat <3

Well done Destinationkat

Thank you <3

Congratulations all all the awesome ladies! :x

Congratulations Kat!

Thank you! <3

Congrats doll

Ryumoau Oct 7

Congrats Kat!

Thank you ❤️❤️

I voted for Kat, she'd look really cute in the top😍

Thank you! <3

I would love to get some votes! :)

Sexy Alex coal has my vote 😍

Thank you, gorgeous. 💙

Thank you, gorgeous.

Heero_G Oct 6

Voted for Alex

Kat is really the only choice

All 4 ladies are beautiful, but Amanda is my girl!

Mine too!

Cattie Oct 6

That shirt is soo darn cute!! G'luck, ladies <3 (BTW, voting hasn't started yet for those saying they don't see the vote button. :P )

Ryumoau Oct 6

oh, i see. Thanks. lol

That's what I thought, but it says vote now. 🤔

Cattie Oct 6

They always do that. Idk why they never show the time frame of when it'll start/end.

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