Pretty in Pink Contest

Show your pink pride!

Nov 27 2017 35 comments 2,414

There are so many fun shades of pink that can express all different facets of your personality. A shocking hot pink is good for when you're feeling feisty while a more demure, traditionally feminine shade of blush works for when you're feeling subtly sexy.

Pick your favorite pink and make it the theme of your photo for this week's Pretty in Pink Winning Wednesday contest!

Present your perfect pink ensemble on the contest page, then have your fans come by this Wednesday, November 29, 2017 to vote between 3 pm and 11 pm.

Participants can win:

1st place = $500

2nd place = $200

3rd place = $100

Best photo = $50

Pic provided by Nikki Delano

Mjasen Mar 7


AlisaBlond Dec 1 2017


Savage House TV Nov 30 2017

thnk u everyone for voting. congrats to the winner:x

SweetStud Nov 30 2017

I feel like these contests need to go longer.  8 hours isn't that long. Not to mention it doesn't even say what time zone the end time is based in.

Ellie Idol Dec 7 2017


MadiBBWxxx Nov 30 2017

Thank you to everyone who voted for me! 🎀

TheJoneses Nov 30 2017

So many hot posts!

Mrs. Cake has agreed to take some pics tonight for this contest, so stay on the look out Hot Pink Cake...

Submissive2 deleted Nov 29 2017

How is best photo determined?

SarahxxxJ Nov 29 2017

I love a competition! Imagine a win!! :)

LustyBustyLark Nov 29 2017

Last minute entry! Good luck everybody! <3

Brooke Dillinger Nov 29 2017

Thats SUCH a gorgeous cover pic for this contest!
Good luck ladies :)

Haubgirl Nov 29 2017

Love pink  💁🏻💕

Keri Berry Nov 29 2017


Ryumoau Nov 28 2017

i like Pink, so this contest should be interesting. Looking forward to seeing the photos.

The Butt Bakery Nov 28 2017

<3 I have the perfect pair of panties!

Ebonycamgirl Nov 28 2017


Noah Bensi Nov 28 2017

oooo i have the most perfect dress!!!

Cattie Nov 28 2017

I'll be offering the remainder of my prize draws from my cam show as vote rewards, so get ready! This will be your last chance to nab a custom video until after January!

curvymodelmilf Nov 28 2017


Arikajira Nov 28 2017

Mine is a rare picture of me in pink, as my living carnival doll persona Katie Kuntzulyk has a signature long soft pink wig $5=ANY video/$10=3 Vids/$50=25vids/$100=ALL 1500+ vids FREE SNAPCHAT Is SELKIEGIRL, ... best of luck everyone xxx

Erotic Eva Nov 28 2017

Pretty in Pink! 8-)O.O

Aspen Snow Nov 28 2017

Awesome! Loaded a pic of me with my Victoria Secret Fashion Show wings and extremely rare VS Firework Bra and Panties! Make fireworks with your votes. Paid votes get FREE vids!

J'adore! 💖💖💖

Marissa Sweet Nov 27 2017

How perfect, for this contest ALL paid votes will receive my video "Pretty In Pink" along with whatever set deal you chose. ;)<3

TrueSexBomb Nov 27 2017

Pink is a color of passion!

Hazel West Nov 27 2017

Didn’t the last contest end like...yesterday??

Erotic Eva Nov 28 2017

lol that was the monthly one...there is one each month...there is also a weekly one, usually starts on mon and ends on wed ;)

Hazel West Nov 28 2017

I know,  my point was they’re a bit bloody rapid fire!

Sucia Loves Nov 27 2017

Who doesn't love pink?!!?


Yay pink :)

Snatch Digitizer Nov 27 2017

Oooh I know just the pic for this one!  😈

MistressGeisha Nov 27 2017

Good luck ladies<3

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