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Last week we announced MV Live Beta, our new live camming feature, allowing multiple MV Stars the opportunity to live stream at the same time! The response was both remarkable and rewarding. Seeing so many positive comments, was great. Making our MV Stars happy is at the core of everything we do here at ManyVids.

MV Live Beta is a new camming platform for all of you, but it is also a new adventure for us. We have been working on this for a long time and have so many fun things planned for the future of MV Live!

As previously mentioned, this is the Beta launch for MV Live. In order to stabilize the platform during our Beta phase, when our servers reach maximum capacity, you will be prompted to wait for a room to free up. As time goes on, we will continue expanding our servers in order for more MV Stars to broadcast!

As with most Beta projects, we understand that there may be some complexities, small bugs, and/or fixes to be made. Rest assured, we are going to be working tirelessly on improvements to ensure that everything is top notch and seamless!

In the coming weeks, we will be gathering more information and adding plenty of other features including:

  • Private Shows

  • Private Messaging

  • GIFs & ManyMotes (MV Emojis) within the chat

  • Group Shows

  • An OBS overlay tool

  • & so much more!

Making sure we provide a perfect cam setup is a top priority to make sure that ManyVids has everything you need to succeed, all under one roof!

When it comes to business, we wish to be as transparent as possible as our MV Stars are our business partners. As you all know, MV Live Beta will have a 60% payout for the month of August and many of you have been wondering what the payout percentage would be afterward. We’ve decided that if our MV Stars using the platform feel lots of love from the MV Community during August, we will do our best to continue offering a higher payout percentage. An official decision will be made after analysis at the beginning of September so let’s work together to support our MV Stars!

We appreciate everyone for choosing MV Live, for sending us their feedback to help us create the best platform possible, and for always believing in us.

It’s your time to shine! Simply click on the little pink webcam icon at the top right of the ManyVids main navigation once you’re logged in, and you’re all set!

For More information you can visit the MV Live FAQ.

Always here to help!

- MV Team

What features would you like to see implemented next on MV Live?

Pics provided by: SaraMills, Leo Christensen & Mandy Mitchell.

one day... I know ManyVids will allow us to create an automatic notice for our chatroom ♥ That way I can make a tip menu advertised every few minutes :D

wow, seems like they aren't answering any questions here, they could at least have one support person helping us out here.  I was on for about 5 min testing it out, looked fine..and since then I keep getting "can't find your camera"  oh well

Hi Jess! just a little tip that may help you get a rep, when you are in the "upload vid" Page, there is a small chat button in the bottom right corner, I hope they answer you soon ♥

IviRoses Aug 11

thanks for this message, i didnt know! very helpful!

Samantha38g deleted Aug 5

What is an OBS Overlay?

OBS is a Free Software you can download to your PC and then you are supposed to sync OBS with ManyVids. What OBS does is you can put text, images & lots of other things on top of your video stream (for example you can put a small logo in the corner, or write "Tip X amount for Snachat";) instead of having to write it on your Topic and that's just a small portion of what you can do ♥ Let me know if I can help with anything :D

Pretty shady how you guys tried to encourage different categories (like trans) to cam and how the playing field was wide open to win monthly earnings bonuses because it's new, and now it appears as if you've removed those bonuses for those categories and then just mashed them all together. That's ALWAYS going to be won by MV Girls, making it all but impossible for the other, smaller categories to ever get earnings bonuses.

Not cool if I'm seeing it right.

is "MV Stars with Most Tokens" really literally the stars with the most tokens unconverted? Why would you count only unconverted tokens, that metric makes no sense... You want us to keep our tokens unconverted for some reason?

Tried it a few times and it feels like its 99% freeloaders, people watching but not popping up to chat and are clearly not even members, in my opinion this needs sorting asap as otherwise its basically being a cam girl for free!! Need to set a time limit for how long 'non-members'' can stay in your room, or basically make it so they have to register and have purchased tokens in order to get it! The option for just PRIV or GRP where people are paying to be in your room at all times is the ultimate answer!! Other than that I do like the set up, and the cam feed works well, ooh also an option to turn off your sound whenever you want rather than having to disable webcam audio via your laptop xxx

Are there any specific rules for camming here, and if so, where can I find them?  Thanks!

I think this is an awesome feature to add!
My one concern though is for models who don't want to or can't cam.
It may just be my opinion, but (if it isn't this way already) I think it would  be great to have a way to keep earnings made from cam completely separate. 
I feel if the earnings made from cam are able to effect the ranks for video and store item sales, it's going to discourage a lot of models. 
Some of us can't cam, maybe due to medical issues or even just not having a set up for it.

I would LOVE to have a ticket or password show option :)
This way multiple people can view the cam, but they'd have to have a password or a ticket to be able to view the show.

In the MVLive FAQ it says they are making a seperate live score for camming, are regular MV score from clips won't change from tokens.

Oh! I must of missed that. Thank you!

I'm not a cam girl but I'm really impressed by what I've seen with this as a start point for MV live. The main obvious improvement I think as a viewer that could be cool is instead of showing top earners under the room, maybe showing the model's recent videos? That way models camming can continue to feed into their MV clip base and maintain MV as a top clip site too. :D Other than that, the room set up looks super cute! I'm impressed!



Yes love this idea!!

I'm so in love with not only Manyvids as a company, but the new MV live feature! My members reported great audio and camera feed, a lot better than most cam sites that have been around for awhile. I would love to see something else done about guests. Possibly putting them on a timer to limit lurking, in turn that could give guests the push to make an account to join the community. As for the 60% payout, I think its awesome that Manyvids is trying to raise the industry standard by giving models more of their earnings. I hope that going forward we are able to keep a higher payout.

One thing that I would like to be changed is right under our feed we can see the top earners, which there is nothing wrong with that, but I'd personally prefer an option to turn it off. I'm also a huge fan of the way that you're separating our cam rank scores and the scores from content sales, and hope that continues. In conclusion, I think this is going to be an awesome platform for our community! It has been such a joy to watch Manyvids grow. Manyvids is a company I'm proud to stand behind and continue to be a part of.
 Much love,

It would be really awesome if we could see the chat and members in our room at the same time so we can greet people coming in

Quick question The Ranks seem a lot higher right now is this because girls are doing the Takeover and converting their earnings switch their earnings go towards their rank that's really going to push everyone way back. Is there a way that the earnings from going live will not affect the rank?

I would love for there to be a way to keep both separate! 
Otherwise it's going to become very discouraging for those who don't want to or can't cam.

A few models have been asking me about how to covert their tokens, and that they aren't showing up on their earnings page.

I am so happy to hear you will be integrating private shows, private messaging, group shows,  and the ability to post GIFs!!  This is all great news, and I hope that you do keep the percentage at 60%, it is such a great incentive !! Enjoyed it so far!! Excited to see the updates

Be sure to tell the guys to turn the sound on and that heads up pop up is really annoying. Especially when your split camming on 2 other sites at the same time.

i tried going live last night, and every 5 minute or so there was a pop up saying heads up, the room will close in a few minutes bc of inactivity....that was really annoying.  I had a few people pop in but no one really said anything....and i had to keep clicking the heads up so that my room wouldnt automatically shut down

Got that a few time too and hated it

Yeah I thought I was the only one getting the inactivity thing hope they get that fixed

So far loving the concept and quality of how my cam looks, just needs more participants now! :P x

I was just using MV live and then it stopped working and said my cam could not be found. Does anyone else have this problem??? Is it just me or MV live still has bugs and not working properly...?

I can't find my token earnings it showing up for you guys?

I was about to comment the same thing. It doesn't show up in the usual earnings page.

Ari Dee Jul 31

My MV Live viewers actually pointed out today that they thought it was weird to advertise the top girls right under the cam feed. I don't mind that but advertising our videos on the streaming page would be awesome :) Also a way to change our goal/ remaining goal amount in case we want to add the anonymous/ private tips towards room goals. Excited to see what y'all have in store, thank you!!

love this idea

Yes! This was the first thing I thought of as well when I went to the broadcast page. It would make much more sense to be able to advertise my own content.

YES!  This!

Love this

Totally agree with this. It was the first thing I noticed on the streaming page lol

Would love an area to make a large tip menu since it all can't all fit in the title


yesyesyes please!

JessRyan Jul 31

OMG 60% and you're considering it for the long haul? Thank you! I'll try it when I have privacy. School's out & I'm a mom, so I don't have much privacy to cam now.

Anyone get tokens then they disappeared? Happened to me when I got up to over 250 tokens, then room kicked me. I came back and restarted my goal and got more tokens and again, they disappeared.

So many questions still! Couple category shows, ticket shows, tip vibe integration, apps/biys/games, moderator status/privilege...

I'm super excited to see how the platform holds up to high volume. When it is stable, I'll be on! Is there a plan to do profile customization?

So glad you're considering keeping the 60% payout!

JessRyan Jul 31

I had to re-read that!  wow, sending LOVE love LOVE


Integration with Lovense Hush and Lush will be very useful <3


Yes!!! Got my Lush ready!


xxxAvery Jul 31

yay !!! don't forget to add lovense lush integration

burenisu Jul 31

can't wait:D

Would love that you added the option to connect lush and some apps as the ones you can find on Chaturbate😊

Very exciting!

Can you add the Lush toy to activate with tips and private show?

so exciting :)

Nhaerys Jul 31

Thank you for this!! I would love it if we could eventually have apps & bots similar than the ones we use on chaturbate (or similar to charlesbot from mfc), they are super useful and fun! Another cool thing would be to show previews from the live cams when you're at the MV Live homepage, instead of the model's promotional video. Maybe enable a little bio below our cam in the future so we can have there our tip menu/clubs/etc? Have our videos showing up below our cam while we're broadcasting? Can't wait to see the development of this project!! Lots of love and support <3

I'm trying to stream and it keeps saying "Oops Something went wrong." and kicking me out. Plus it doesn't end my show just puts me offline so I stay on the live page until I get back in and end it myself.

Wow! Super excited for MV Live..:manyvids_verified:

Paid 💰per minute option would be a great feature

how can I get my partner approved <3


I go into the room and see a black stain. So it should be today?

RoxiLace Jul 31

Anyone else having problems staying in their room? I keep getting knocked off live and then the error message...oops! something went wrong?

yes lots of problems right now but it will clear up in time

Viewers as well are having this issue

Perhaps too optimisitic to think there would be no teething problems alng the way :)

Looking forwards to Trans live getting enabled, i too am being redirected away from Live beta when i try to access my live room.

Royalexi Jul 31

This is so exciting. I don't think I'll even cam anywhere else after those listed things like private shows gets released because I cam with ticket shows only ❤️ Every goal is a ticket show hehe

Ive already been certified as a cam model here, why am i getting a Become a New Cummer webscreen when i try to go live

Felicia_FemDoll deleted Jul 31

What is it redirecting you to? I am getting taken to and URL (with the new cummer button) with = NOT ALLOWED. Hopefully this doesn't mean they have predetermined who gets to use the servers... as per "In order to stabilize the platform during our Beta phase, when our servers reach maximum capacity, you will be prompted to wait for a room to free up." That would be... lame... to put it lightly.:( As I don't see any MvBoys or MvTrans with the live status, or under the live menu.... Just MvGirls.......

You are a verified Trans account.  Right now Producer, Trans, and Boys have not been enabled for the Live Beta.  Still no word from MV on when these account types will be enabled.

Felicia_FemDoll deleted Jul 31

Oh really, hmmm I guess I didn't see that part. Well that's a little dumb.

i get the Become a New Cummer link and when i click it it takes me to my MV Profile page. I also Dont see any MvTrans or MvBoys either.  If i have to wait for rooms to clear up ill just go back to my CB and cam. I was excited for this and now to be honest it feels a little discriminatory. IDK

wow, if that doesnt make you feel left out i dont know what does.....

Ah, the familiar feeling of being disposable due to trans status when the 'greater public' has a common goal they think is easier achieved without us.

Love that is seems to be ipad compatable

I am really excited to try this out today!

I would definitely love the lovense toys to be incorporated. I have the lush.

I am beyond excited!!!!

Felicia_FemDoll deleted Jul 31

I must become a "new cummer" click the button takes me to my profile....

Me too!

It just says become a New Cummer When i already have an account set up and selling here

ahhhhhhh yayyy

i have the Feeling the MV Server will crash several times today, when all Girls start camming at the same time

Let MV know if you have any problems but definitely try to check it out. MV really values feedback from members!

i also think having a "gold" show type style option for shows would be awesome...getting everyone to tip in a timely manner for shows instead of having to wait hrs at times to reach goals

Good luck those who are treading the path first

:) <3 i wish the same!

I'm online!

every time I click on mine....or anyone else online ...all I get is a blank whit screen????

i cant seem to cam either, says the page isnt there

ManyVids Jul 31

Please make sure you do a Hard refresh, or clear cache files!

I'm getting the same thing

what if we are using chrome and still having the same issue?

ty ..that worked :)

im using chrome...i just cleared my browsing history n logged back in works fine now :)

still having the same issue, even called, no response.

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