Double Trouble Contest

Double the fun!

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We're back at it again with another fun contest - only this time, it'll be double the fun!

Can you think of one person you consider your partner in crime? Someone that you could rule the world with?

Introducing the: Double Trouble Contest!

This is a great opportunity to unite and work together with other MV Stars online! Simply invite an MV Star of your choice to be part of your dynamic duo & win the cash prizes together!

If you invite someone who is not already an MV Star, but he/she signs up to be part of your team, send an email to once they unlock the NewCummer status and we will give your team a head start of 500 points!

To enter:

  • Choose your online partner and solidify your team!

  • Create a pic that best represents your team and upload it to the contest page now!

The voting will officially begin on September 16th at 11 AM and will close on September 23rd at 8 PM. Invite your fans to vote for you for a chance to win:

1st place - $4000

2nd place - $2000

3rd place - $1000

Best pic - $200

It will work exactly like regular contests do! Your fans will be able to vote for you individually, and you will get to keep all of the sales generated from your own votes. However, the number of votes you each receive will be calculated together and in the end, the top 3 “Double Trouble” teams with the highest combined vote total will win!

What are you waiting for? It's time to find a teammate who is the peanut butter to your jelly & wreak havoc together!

Pics provided by Aerie_SM & TwoThornedRose, Colby and Mickey, Kristen Kraves XXX & Kacytgirl.

Meika_ox Sep 24

excited but with no partner yet :P If u like the idea of being my partner 4 this, pm me or send me a direct on insta or twitter :)

arisdark Sep 22

quien se apunta?

I'm looking for a partner! pm me if interested!

What kind of pic you need to partner up sexy

I've teamed up with the gorgeous glamour babe minibarbiexxx!!! Find us. :)

both people who reached out to me initially have somehow joined forces with each other lol i was out of town for the weekend so not on here much...i know it's kinda late, but if anyone would like to team up, please let me know.

it kinda sucks that we are so limited in this contest in that we have to team up with someone in order to enter it.  I get that it's the theme lol but still....oh well, there's always next month for halloween....

I'm interested in teaming up!

me and haylee are working together for this one!! lots of sweet rewards !

I'm looking for a partner aswell. Let me know if anyone's interested:P

I'm interested

Hixson Sep 16

Looking for a partner and more 😉

Nice concept. Any one wana tem up..

If you're still looking I would love to!

Pandagrl Sep 15

Looking for partner as well

Still looking?

Team AriKatUK is now updated, which includes myself with the lovely LadyKittyKat

Please DM me if you would like to team up. Hardcore babes, cuckolders, MILFs or teens (for mother-daughter fantasy) preferred, but open to everybody really.

I need a partner, lets photoshop something together :)

i need a partner too heh

Check out my entire with Annabelle Rodgers 😍 best Mommy and lil duo

IviRoses Sep 14

If anyone would like a partner, send me a message!

I sent a pm <3

I would love to participate. I just need a partner!

i need a partner pm me if youre interested :3

Still unable to post, it's requiring 3 members!

Its a pain the arse! *sigh* I wouldn't care but for around 20mins when it activated it was fine, hence the handful who managed to get their duo entries on

It should be fixed now!

looking for partner :P

i need a partner pm me if youre interested :3

id love to participate but i dont really know anyone well enough and dont think anyone would want to partner with me anyway lol but let me know if you do please :)


Hotwife Sep 14


hehe you have to be a content seller :p

are you still looking for someone hun?  thank you for even replying to my post :D

*sigh* the form is suddenly now set up as a trio! Grrrrrr .... (needing THREE team members) anyone else getting this, I was going on to add the updated team picture and now its gone wonky :(

I'm having the same issue!

same issue!

Hey guys, the contest is now open to add your teams and pics etc...

BuniBun Sep 14

Hello! I need a partner! someone who does cosplay porn like I do would be awesome to team with! But ill partner with anyone interested! <3 xo

Needing a partner

Hotwife Sep 14


Looking for a team member <3

Any UK based lovelies fancy teaming up?

Happy to team up x

skygirl Sep 14

So me and my partner need to post two same photos?

I Need A Partner anyone that needs a teammate Message Me!<3<3

DM me if you want to team up :)

Weebunny Sep 14

I'll team up with you babe xox

Laci Lemondrop
Laci Lemondrop deleted Sep 14

If anyone wants to team up, message me!

Essferbd Sep 14

I would 👌 haha

Hotwife Sep 14

Someone want to double up? 😀


Hotwife Sep 14

Lol, you are a member, 😉

I can partner someone

Message me if you want a partner

If anyone would like a partner, send me a message <3

If you need a partner feel free to pm me (V))

Hi, still looking for a partner. We can team up.

If only I had a partner for this, I'm from Spain btw in case somebody wants to join the contest with me (?)

I have yet to compete in a contest, but this seems like fun. If you need a partner feel free to pm me! <3

KsuColt Sep 13

I'll consider the proposals ... a virtual duo that sounds good. but I would like to find someone who would be close to work together):x

I would love a partner for the sexy contest who is up for it message me and let me know and we can create something fun

If you wanna be my partner message me!

I will be your partner

Thx for using my pic :) Make sure you guys vote for me in the contest! <3

Anyone else not able to submit yet?

Yeah it isn't letting me submit :/

Nope :(


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