Freebie Tuesday

Mom will do Anything



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Custom- i would love to see you two role play as mother who's wearing a pair of white opaque Tights. same brand you wore in the last video, but white, you also wear a short tight skirt, high hills, & a blouse, with no panties. you invite your son's school bully to the house to reason with him not to bully your son anymore. your man friend is dressed as wearing a striped shirt, backwards hat, & book bag. you sit down on the couch withe him to ask why he is bullying your son. he pulls out of his book bag, the pair of your black tights with the hole in them from the last video. he says he knows about you & your son's taboo pantyhose relationship. you are surprised, as you snatch the tights from him, asking him how did he get these! he laughingly tells you that he caught your son with them at school. you try to explain to him that your that your son has trouble sl33ping unless you sl33p with him in his favorite black tights. as you beg him to stop bullying your son, you catch him staring between your legs. you ask him what can you do to get him to stop bullying your son, he then grabs you & f@rces his hand your skirt between your legs as you try to fight him of & keep your legs closed. after a wile, stop fighting back & let him have his way with you. you ask him "is this gonna make him stop bullying your son? he says no, "i want more. he then puts you lying down across the couch on you stomach, climbing on top you, frantically unbuckling his pants, pulling then down with his underwear to his thighs, pulling your skirt up to grind his cock between your beautiful tights covered ass cheeks as he nuzzles your neck. he frantically grinds you, you passively ask him is this enough to make him stop? he says no. i want more. he then f@rces her to bend over the kitchen table as he continues to frantically grind her hard with his pants. down. she passively arch's her back in her hills, allowing him to grind her. he then f@rces her to the bed room, where he wrestles her legs open on the bed to tear a small hole in her crotch circle, f@rcing her legs open to frantically eat her beautiful pussy. she passively allows him to hold her legs open to eat her pussy. now down to just his shirt & backwards hat, he f@rces his cock into her pussy as she tries to fight him, but he's to strong as he spreads her legs holding her down as he frantically pounds her hard, while nuzzling her neck, using his body weight to hold her down, at a view from behind him, then above her head, & from the side. she ask him, "if i let you do this, will you stop bullying my son? he says "yes i wish my mom would let me do this to her" she says to him "Awww you poorer baby. i will let you. she stops fighting him & allows him to continue fucking her in a few more positions. then there's a view from outside the bed room door of them fucking. its her son. she see's him watching them as the bully is comming. he jumps up, grabs his things, & runs out the room. her son [ who's played by the same man] is upset as he sits on the bed with his head in his hands. she tries to make him feel better by telling him "I did it for you, but hes still mad at her. so walks out the room, then reenters wearing his favorite black opaque tights with the small hole in the crotch, skirt, high hills. [same ones from the last video] she lays back on the bed with her legs spread, & calls him over to fuck her. he goes over pulling his pants down to his ankles with his shirt still on, he starts fucking her the same positions, & angles that the bully did her. even putting her on her stomach, as he's on top of her, fucking her at view from behind him until he finishes. he then roles over & goes to sl33p