Summer Splash!


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With all of the nice weather and fun outings, summertime is the perfect occasion to change things up and raise the bar higher than ever before.

As you all know, we currently give $10,000 to our well-deserved Top Earners every month. ManyVids has decided that for the month of July, we will be DOUBLING that amount!

That's right everyone! There will be a total of $20,000 given to the Top Earners of MV this July!

Below, you will be able to see the changes reflected for this month's Summer Splash DOUBLE UP!

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We hope that these cash prizes will help make your summers even more memorable and wonderful!

Best of luck everyone!

-MV Team

Neyaasweety Jul 30 2016

Maybe someday I can get to the top!

pe nowo wat
pe nowo wat deleted Jul 2 2016

Best porn around! Always hot!

nothingland pp Jul 2 2016

This is great! vote for us!

Destiny11 Jul 1 2016


Misswettkitty Jun 30 2016

I'm going to make it to the top twenty one of these days lol :\;);)

SubmissiveLexi Jun 30 2016

This is amazing! Hopefully I can get into the top 20 finally! :H:x

MissLovesyou Jun 30 2016

How awesome is this. Sadly I won't be one of these girls. Good luck ladies

Ava Black Jun 29 2016

Love it! More Domination being uploaded <3

darklordmarkus Jun 29 2016

I will make it happen.

Kyra Effing Kane Jun 29 2016

I am really excited to try and reach this ;)

XalasStudios Jun 29 2016

Challenge Accepted, I guess that I have to step my Animation content up to the next level!

Brandon Iron
Brandon Iron deleted Jun 28 2016

Yowza! (Y))

fenellafox deleted Jun 28 2016

If you were rewarding top 100 girls instead of top 25 girls I'd definately give it a go and i'm sure alot more girls would. Something to consider that could be a fun challenge for lots. It would also be nice to see these large prize money amounts being shared with more girls especially when a small bonus of even $10 could mean a lot to many on this website. It's great to see ManyVids giving back though! Good luck to everyone going for top 25 next month.

CoriiSiren Jun 28 2016

I agree.

RyderWilde Jun 29 2016


bbwbreanna Jun 29 2016

This is SOO true

KittyVickie6 Jun 29 2016


Erica fontes Jun 28 2016

Very good -p-

Missfresh18 Jun 28 2016


Great!!!! ;)

HeidiHills Jun 28 2016

awesome (@)<3

CammiCams Jun 28 2016

Sweet to bad I will never see it

Caitlyn87 deleted Jun 29 2016

Most of us won't, it will already be the girls who make enough sales as is, not us girls who struggle and barely make cashout each pay period. We just aren't good enough and don't work as hard, Cammi! lol *SMH*

JennyBlighe Jun 28 2016

Nice! ❤️

Bibi Noel XXX Jun 28 2016

Awesome,  for video or photo?

Flawless Melissa Jun 28 2016


GoodGrl_Cindy Jun 28 2016

You're awesome 💕

Now That's Hot!!!!!!! (@)<3:)

Ryanxoxo Jun 27 2016

Was hoping they would extend it to the top 50 earners:/

Arikajira Jun 28 2016

I agree, I would have liked to see it benefit more girls, rather than up the amount on existing bonuses

RyderWilde Jun 28 2016

100% Agree with you. This is only awesome for the top earners. How about raise the payout % for EVERYONE instead?

Cattie Jun 28 2016

Been saying this forever

Caitlyn87 deleted Jun 28 2016

They are giving top girls prize money for prize money, I don't have a chance and the site drilled into to me that they CANNOT afford higher than 60% bc of back charges, so how can they do this still?

This is extremely discouraging to anyone who never makes it into the top earners.

LustyBustyLark Jun 28 2016

Or here is an idea. If they have all this extra cash give us money for referrals!

fenellafox deleted Jun 28 2016

Great idea about referrals!

YoursTruly Jun 29 2016

It's kind of obvious. it's just like the loto, you raise the jackpot more people play. The jackpot comes from the tickets purchased...

RyderWilde Jun 29 2016

But this particular instance isn't a contest. This is based on sales. Why give the same people who are already getting bonuses more instead of extending the bonuses to other models in the top earners?

Katya Okimoto
Katya Okimoto deleted Jun 27 2016

This is the best summer prizes are a great reason to work here!

Cattie Jun 27 2016

Wishful thinking that I can stay up there for this

LustyBustyLark Jun 27 2016

Maybe one day I will come even close but for now that is awesome for all the girls who will win <3

Vixi Vee Jun 27 2016

Wow this is really good! I hope to make it into the Top 25 some day <3

Haley420 Jun 27 2016

WOW this is awesome! You guys are seriously the best site to work on!

VioletWitchy Jun 27 2016

that is freaking awesome

Goddess Siham Jun 27 2016

Wow! You guys are so awesome! No wonder why you're number 1!!! ❤️😄

DestinyDiaz Jun 27 2016

This is a great opportunity ! Thanks MV

Dirty Princess Jun 27 2016

Thank you MV you guys are AMZING! <3

Jade Nixon
Jade Nixon deleted Jun 27 2016

Awesome! Even more incentive to get in those top spots! I'm on my way up. I'll be on that list soon!

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