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It's another week and another Wednesday, and every time we say to ourselves, what else can we find on the MV Stores, we always end up surprising ourselves. So here are the rare finds from this week! 

Ever dreamed of going to Paris? Don’t know where to start? Need some guidance on where to go? Well, how about having an MV Girl as your very own tour guide? ValerieTV will be your ‘Guide in Paris’. Just to note, she’s keeping things non-sexual, but is definitely promising a fun time together!

Who said that flip flops can't be sexy? Because these 'Size 6 Dirty old Reebok flip flops' from Kitten_Kiara_CB definitely are! Fulfill your ultimate foot fetish with this rare pair. Also, if you happen to be a size 6, these flip flops would be uber comfortable. 

Do you have a thing for slime at all? Have you ever wanted to see a girl just covered in Slime all over the place, going over her boobs, probably seeping into her nether regions. Now, you can make that come to reality, with ‘Slime me’ from Epiphany666cb!

Are you in need of some nutritious beverage? Of course you are. And are you a fan of boobs? Double yes to that as well, duh. So these packs of ‘Breastmilk’ from Lucy Lilac is just for you. Enjoy these in your cereal, with some oreos, or just taste that sweet goodness in a cool glass.

This is as close to an MV Girl you can get. Get a ‘Vial of My Creamy Cum’ from zanderstormx. It is a rare treat, bottled right at the source. Taste the flavor of her pussy, taken straight from the moment of pleasure. You do not want to miss out on this!

How do you like the items from this week? Know any other items we'd definitely be interested in? Let us know in the comments below!

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Pic provided by MV Girl ValerieTV

curvymodelmilf Feb 13 2018


Marissa Sweet Feb 10 2018

I love these, so many creative ideas! :)

Erotic Eva Feb 10 2018

hehe many of us ladies offer vials of "stuff" in our stores... and some of us offer a little bigger containers for our breastmilk ;)

KoraRoseXXX Feb 9 2018

ValerieTV offering a tour of Paris is just amazing! What a fun idea.

ValerieTV Feb 10 2018

Thank Kora <3

ValerieTV Feb 9 2018

As manyvids promoted me i would like to leave my twitter here:manyvids_verified:GUYS FOLLOW ME :bedazzled: :lolipop:

Aspen Snow Feb 9 2018

Super awesome products!

ValerieTV Feb 8 2018

Thank you guys for using my photo and my store item, i saw so many guides in Paris....i know so many places...amd im really friendly fans are the best^.^<3


SweetPam4You Feb 8 2018

This is inspiring!

Jay r hilario Feb 9 2018

Deffenetly correct

Horny Peaches Feb 8 2018

hahaha great!
I always love reading the blog of store articles, maybe one day I can think of something very original too! :]<3:x

Wow thank you so much for including me in this blog!! I am so stoked to be a part of MV! I ❤️ you!

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