The MV Butt Plug!

Get one while supplies last!

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ManyVids brings sex into the modern age with our brand new, revolutionary, ultra high tech and extremely stylish ManyVids Butt Plug*!

The MV Butt Plug is the result of years of research and development in butt plug technology. We’re thrilled to finally unveil never before seen, cutting-edge advancements that will change the way you insert things into your butt. The MV Butt Plug is a turnkey, social and technological hub that makes creating content on the go easier than ever before. With your MV Butt Plug comfortably in place, you can activate the wireless capability to automatically log into your MV Profile!

Never be caught without your MV Butt Plug! The integrated solar panel makes charging your butt plug a breeze. Just use your MV Butt Plug as normal while carrying on with your regular, everyday activities like sunbathing in the nude or exercising near large windows. Your MV Butt Plug will charge itself!

Made from a high polish, stainless steel, the MV Butt Plug is both sophisticated and practical. It comes in a plush, velvet pouch and has a cute ManyVids logo on the end. The classic, aerodynamic design will make the MV Butt Plug a mainstay in anyone’s butt plug arsenal. Visit the MV Store to get yours today! Happy butt plugging!

- MV Butt Plug informercial starring Alix Lynx, Reagan Foxx, ValDodds and Lena Paul.

*We hope you enjoyed our satirical take on our new MV Butt Plug. While it is truly a fabulous sex toy, it does not actually contain any technology (wireless, solar or otherwise).

Still waiting on mine :(

FYI... I love mine! I even used it in my upcoming valentine's day videos. :]

Wow, a smart butt plug.  Going to use it as a conversation starter when meeting new women.

Steph_Leen Dec 9 2017

It's so sad I finally convinced myself at the end of this video that it does not have a solar panel :H

ScarlettPixl Dec 9 2017



Sucia Loves Dec 8 2017

LMAO this was hilarious. Def had me going for a second like wait what? Solar what? :H

CoriiSiren Dec 8 2017

Okay I legit want one with the MV logo on the end though lol

Hex_Kitten Dec 7 2017

Lolol I’m glad I read until the very end I was sooo confused. So cute :3 heheh

haha me too!

8cherry8girl8 Dec 7 2017


Nikkilatelyxxx Dec 7 2017

I WANT!!!!!

ElizabethLove Dec 7 2017

This is so goofy and cute!

KittykatKate Dec 7 2017

Someone needs to get me one!!!!

Annie Body Dec 7 2017

giggles and a very lol,  funny stuff, well done! thanks for the humorous start to My day ;-)

ThedazA2015 Dec 7 2017


Miss_LoLo Dec 7 2017

So funny! Xx

Mylene Dec 7 2017


Elouise Please Dec 7 2017

Ooh amazing, i want one in my butt!!:A

XXX Sexy P XXX Dec 7 2017

cant wait to try it myself

KittykatKate Dec 7 2017

Who wants to buy me one!!!! I want one soooo bad! Love that logo in my ass!

GodMotherOfAss Dec 7 2017


MinaDemonic Dec 7 2017

can't wait to give it to my local busdriver! ^^

NataSweet Dec 7 2017

My very sweet Ass want it, who can make me happy?

Angeleya_smile Dec 7 2017

This is my xmas wish now ))

Sarah Rae Dec 7 2017

Lol yesterday we deeply cared about victims of abuse. Today we're pushing butt plugs. Lol makes sense. Only on MV. Smh.

Kristie Bish Dec 7 2017

"Oh no a sex site is selling sex toys and bringing attention to the severe amount of sexual abuse in the industry. I'm going to pretend this is a disappointing rather than be happy to see a sex site make fun content/toys and help industry workers." 

Why don't you just enjoy what MV is doing rather than put them down in every post they make? It's a tiring narrative. After the loss and proof of cyber bullying today, I am so disappointted to see you ONCE AGAIN putting down Manyvids. It is real people who come up with the branding ideas, real people who make the articles, and real people who come up with the creative videos. STOP BELITTLING THEM EVERY CHANCE YOU GET AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST BE POSITIVE AND NICE. It is so freaking easy to be nice, try it.

Alice Bound Dec 7 2017

Well it is a porn site afterall. Also this toy looks dope and I want one:A

Gingerlovex Dec 7 2017

Does the buttplug have the capability to mute people that always complain about everything?  Totally need this if it does! 🤣

YoursTruly Dec 7 2017

Totally agree with goddesskristie. Tiring narrative. We need an "ignore comment from complainers" feature.

Aria Wood Dec 7 2017

I mean it still is somewhat contributing to the victims of abuse due to the fact that manyvids said they are donating a percentage of the earnings on the site from 11th-15th.I think it's good they posted this right after. I find it to be a great business decision. But I think they should have waited to open the buying of the plug until the 11th. That way girls were ready to buy it cause the build up of excitement. At least they care enough at all to raise awareness unlike other sites who don't ever get involved.

Ucum1st Dec 7 2017


RemiReagan Dec 7 2017

Haha this is a killer ad

SweetPam4You Dec 7 2017

Lmao, this is a big satire of ohmibod and lovense toys and very well done! haha I loved the video

AlicexoWard Dec 7 2017

This is beautiful

CrysiSweet Dec 7 2017

GG manyvids GGB|

Little Puck Dec 7 2017

i'm dying over how many ppl fell for this :H<3

Joanne Kitten Dec 7 2017

I fell for it and believed it really did have all that technology :`(

Arikajira Dec 7 2017

Meh.. lol

Ebonycamgirl Dec 7 2017


kashmoniy Dec 7 2017

Oooh damn y'all had me! !!:H

fetdreamer Dec 7 2017

So funny hahaha!

Erotic Eva Dec 6 2017

are we supposed to be taking this seriously? lol i just can't, with that guy talking :H

clubdinasky Dec 6 2017

omg haha this was awesome

Coco Loca Dec 6 2017

yaass!!!!! this is amazing !!! <3

BrianaBooty_Del deleted Dec 6 2017

Bahaha I thought this was a controlling booty plug as well. This is still sweet though. :)

Tigger Rosey Dec 6 2017

omg xD im dying :]:]:]:] love it

MissKittyMoon Dec 6 2017

That was the best video of 2017 I have ever seen!:H:H

DestinyDiaz Dec 6 2017

deaddddd lmfao so cheesy sooo good !! I can't wait to use mineeee

AllyXXL deleted Dec 6 2017

IKR! lol

AsianDreamX Dec 6 2017

I felt here will be a trick.. Very impressive tho ! :blast_off: Is it patented? :D

AsianDreamX Dec 6 2017

I love rewatching it, tv shopping rests x)

VioletWitchy Dec 6 2017

wtf XD lmao :H:H:H

Aspen Snow Dec 6 2017


SinthiaSecret Dec 6 2017

:H:H:H LOL I really want one of these

This is hilarious 😂 😂

Lissie Belle Dec 6 2017


Hazel West Dec 6 2017

You guys are doing the most but I kinda love this 😂😂

Iris_SadEyes Dec 6 2017

I love it!

LadyBellaKush deleted Dec 6 2017

I must have and I almost never do anal! This would get me to get extra naughty

AdalynnX Dec 6 2017

Hahahaha I love it! ! :H:A<3:]

FoxyGoddess Dec 6 2017


KittyKatLuna Dec 6 2017

This video gives me life

M_JoeTannant Dec 6 2017

Nice :A want one for my little slut

Haubgirl Dec 6 2017

OMGGGGGG, I want the tech version lol

LustyBustyLark Dec 6 2017

Seriously though if someone wants to buy me one I promise to send you a video using it 🤗

Vixi Vee Dec 6 2017

Omg I nearly took it seriously :H actual piss take! Love it!

Gaberiella Dec 6 2017

Thank you to the man who got me one, so sweet :)

PlayfulLilGirl Dec 6 2017


Codi Vore Dec 6 2017

What are the dimensions of the toy? It doesn't list that in the store.

Hey Codi, I am not sure what the exact dimensions are but it's a regular small butt plug! You can see the ratio when being held by Alix's hand :)

DaytonaHale Dec 6 2017

Oooooo i got one! :butt_plug:

Cattie Dec 6 2017

That was so corny:HLove it!
How does the wireless compatibility work exactly though??

Cattie Dec 6 2017

Like, is it just a "quick login" or? Is it supposed to be like Lush?

Felicia Vox Dec 6 2017

It's just a normal plug, it doesn't have any tech in it lol

Ha I’m not the only gullible one!  I thought it really did too!Lol

Cattie Dec 6 2017

Well wtf... Ok.

Magpie Kent Dec 6 2017

this is so cute

Kristie Bish Dec 6 2017

Wait, why does it have a solar panel and why does it login to MV? How does it make us new friends..? Like what does the wireless feature do besides login to our account? Can we have a bit more info on the purpose and capabilities of it?

Codi Vore Dec 6 2017

I think it's just a regular butt plug but they wanted to make a cheesy commercial for it.

Kristie Bish Dec 6 2017

I liked the commercial, but if it is wireless and needs solar power charge, I want to know what else it does. lol

Kristie Bish Dec 6 2017

I just saw the listing, I get it now. lol

Kristie Bish Dec 6 2017

need need need need need

LustyBustyLark Dec 6 2017

Lol FINALLY something in the Manyvids store that would fit me 😂

Cattie Dec 6 2017


Same thoughts!!!

Integrated solar panel!? You guys just don’t stop!!! How insane!!!! You guys are beyond AMAZING!

And I’m a dork and didn’t read the last sentence LOL

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