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We raised $11,753.53 to give directly to SWOP-USA! Thank you all for the support! We're so proud to be able to help end abuse in the sex industry.

The We Are Many Project is an awareness campaign created by ManyVids to make the sex industry a safer place. The campaign emphasizes several initiatives that fight to end sexual violence, harassment, victim blaming and slut shaming. We want to encourage content creators and their fans to stand together and speak out against abuse with one voice. 

Between Dec 11 and Dec 15 2017, ManyVids will donate a portion of every sale to the Sex Workers Outreach Project, an organization committed to ending violence against sex workers. You will be able to see how much will be donated in real time on MV with an interactive counter.

Members of the sex industry are especially vulnerable to systematic abuse that often goes unreported, uninvestigated and unpunished. The stigma of sex work makes it difficult for victims to be taken seriously by employers, peers and the legal system.

There is strength in numbers so we’re asking for your help. If you want to end abuse in the sex industry, here's how to get involved:

  1. Retweet the #WeAreMany video campaign pinned on our @ManyVids Twitter account.

  2. Join the fight by putting on lipstick facepaint and sharing a picture of yourself on social media

  3. Nominate 2 friends to join the campaign by using the #WeAreMany hashtag and following text:

Join the movement to end sex abuse. I invite @.................. and @................. to fight with me. Let’s do it together! #WeAreMany.

Camgirls and porn stars, let’s all join efforts to make a difference. The more sales generated, the more donations will be given to the Sex Workers Outreach Project. So if you’ve been waiting to get more active on MV, or if you’ve been thinking of joining MV, now would be a great time.

We will make our donation on December 17, 2017, the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. 

Together we can make the world a safer and more accepting place for sex workers of all walks of life. Make vids, buy vids and show your support on social media to let the world know that #WeAreMany.

- MV Team

Vid and pic featuring MV Girls Jessica Starling, Gemma Minx, MsViciousFeline, and HimeMarie.

This is really amazing!

thanks MV! We are Many!

Another great cause you are supporting!

So happy ManyVids is supporting this great campaign!

GoddessxGigi deleted Dec 13

brought me to tears. thanks for understanding what ive been through

This is great! Keep up the awesome work! I'll do my best to get my video shot, tagged, and tweeted asap. Thanks MV for your support!

Totally agree

I agree

good work guys!  thank you all for supporting us so far on this charity!!

Yes ,speak out on the abuse as u cannot be abused

♥ amazing!

VERY good initiative. It would be great to know the exact percentage, but based on my very rudimentary calculations for a daily turnover, it actually seems to be quite significant. I would love to see this fundraiser return sometime in the future, and I hope other companies in the sex industry take note.


almost 3k donated! wow Way to go Manyvids! Thanka for understanding the problematics of sex workers

proud! <3

fenellafox deleted Dec 11


Wow over $2k donated! Way to go Everybody!!

I feel so blessed knowing a company who is trying so hard to make a better stand to try to end this awful stigma in the SW community.<3

That's pretty badass. Awesome.

Thank you so much for doing this. Much appreciated. It means a lot! THANKS A MILLION!!! <3

Proceeds of token sales as well? :)

I love this campaign and I am proud that I have just joined the fight

AlicexoWard Dec 5 2017

Amazing article

Pinupdaisy Dec 5 2017

:`( too bad so many girls are forced into stuff they don't want..

Ivy_Lee Dec 5 2017


The noblest fight. I give you all much love and respect. As a 23 year old boy still finding himself. I wholeheartedly carry the torch and wish lead by example to the future generations of men

The noblest fight.

Donna Raynes Dec 4 2017

I love this✊🏼👊🏼

Liz Lovejoy Dec 4 2017

You know, it's sad that with how much MV is promoting this, I haven't seen a single victim of violence against sex workers named, or any memorials for our murdered sisters. Those kinds of things let people know that actual people are getting killed. December 17th is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers because it's also a memorial for the victims of the Green River Killer. I don't think MV has mentioned that. I think the way MV is dealing with this serious issue is a little bit trite. Maybe instead of calling so much attention to themselves and what a good deed they're doing, they should put some more attention on the actual victims of violence against sex workers. I think it is really great that they are at least calling attention to this issue, as it is more than most clip sites would do.

Luna Aquelarre Dec 4 2017

most of the victims are not rich, not famust just womans comming from another contry or a poor area. Violence lis not the oes who ha being killed, it happens every day (insult in from of their kisd when they go to the supermarkest, when they change job, when they are working, etc. some how the camgirls are privileged - the fact we can shoose something so dependant of technology and, have less fisical exposure)
I have no doubt anything can be used for publicity but  just to speak about it and rub it againsth the hipocrital world helps  to point that problem exist. It is the first step.

Jesseislonely2 Dec 3 2017


Donkey2018 deleted Dec 3 2017

Wow that's awesome! People like you is why we do what we do, and we love to please

Jesseislonely2 Dec 3 2017


Sarah Rae Dec 3 2017

Just saw you guys retweet this article about ChristianXXX, a known problem in the adult industry, If you guys care so much about women in the sex industry, then why is this guy still allowed to have a video store open on your site?

Sarah Rae Dec 3 2017

He was MV Boy #82 and has been in the top 100 male earners for months, but glad to see that he is at least gone from the site now.

Sarah Rae Dec 3 2017

Lol did you guys seriously just delete your comments to me about how you have so many people on this site that you don't even know what's going on? Even though one of the worst abusers in the industry was ranked #42 top earner on this site for like the past 2 months? Unbelievable. 

Just saw how you guys are shamelessly promoting this on Twitter. Lol Brittany Spears, Rihanna and Hilary Clinton aren't going to be retweeting a porn site. You guys have lost your minds. Great job on completely exploiting these victims for as much publicity as you can get.

I'm done caring about this site. This is too sick for me. I guess I'll leave my vids on here for whatever organic traffic this site has, but I'll take my service sales elsewhere and I won't be promoting Manyvids ever again. I know I'm only one person and it doesn't matter, but at least I know that I won't be selling my soul on here for 10 cents.

JFAC25 Dec 10

Great to see Chrissy finally getting his comeuppance. He's the exact type of performer August was referring to. Likes to denigrate and shame girls who refuse to work with him because of his crossover antics.

I couldn't be happier with the shift in hollywood and with women the industry in general. I feel empowered and hopeful for the future of us ladies all over the world! <3<3<3

Marissa Sweet Dec 2 2017

This is absolutely amazing.<3<3<3 While it's hard to not get trapped inside my own little bubble and forget that the rest of the world isn't so accepting of what we do, I am reminded time to time just how cruel and hateful some can be. It would be great to know the specific percentage that is being donated but regardless it's amazing to know that it's going to help people. <3

Tigger Rosey Dec 2 2017


elli0t84 Dec 2 2017

Thank you for doing this, MV!  I'm looking to get a year membership to a model's MV vids, so I will wait until the 11th so a donation is made!

Kristie Bish Dec 4 2017


Minny Minx Dec 2 2017

It's awesome yeah are doing this

Mielle Honey Dec 1 2017

I'm so here for this !! Thank you ManyVids for being the safe space we need and want as sex workers !!

fixy_1 Dec 1 2017

As a fan I always try to treat the cam girls and content creators I interact with in a respectful way.   I know they deal with a lot of crap online and even more concerning, in person.  I'm glad MV is making an effort to help raise awareness and support those who make them profitable.   I'll definitely be making some purchases to help the cause.

LustyBustyLark Dec 2 2017

I think it is safe to say that 85% of fans that purchase porn are like you and respectful of sex workers. Thank you for being awesome 🤗

Kristie Bish Dec 4 2017

Hey fixy😚

fixy_1 Dec 5 2017


pboy6969 Dec 1 2017

Wow, well over 10k views at this point. Fantastic! I'm really glad to hear about this project and MV's donation. I'll definitely contribute both via MV and directly to the project. I hope this issue blows-up to a point where it makes real progress and helps people treat "sex workers" with respect and decency, as all people deserve. This is long overdue.


DollFaceMonica Dec 1 2017

I am deeply concerned about this matter because I get bullied with braindead requests every time I go live. The sickest thing is not just asking about something out of my limits but also insisting and insisting on an unacceptably cheap price.

Zarramar Dec 3 2017

Yea exactly you deserve to be paid the wages that you earn .  I hope life is treating you well It's Sucks how you have to deal with brain dead idiots .
Just remember you're in charge  :)

You are right! And I am on it, I am changing it^^

britishscally Dec 1 2017


RoseRedRus Dec 1 2017

Да-это очень важно! Присоединяйтесь к нам!

Angeleya_smile Dec 1 2017

i agree/ need to help fix it:)


ross69f Dec 1 2017

i retweeted vid as well as tweeting text and the invite to aroun 8-10 models i follow as even tho i'm not a sex worked i feel we need to fight against the violence against sex workers as there no need for it they're trying to earn a living just like all the rest of us in the world.

CammingJ Dec 1 2017


Ebonycamgirl Dec 1 2017



ShinySugar Dec 1 2017

#WeAreMany My vote is for the end of any kind of violence in this world especialy for that one that goes really close to my own life. We need more respect in this world! PEOPLE! RESPECT PEOPLE AROUND YOU!

PITA99 Dec 1 2017

my mother was in charge of a domestic violence abuse sanctuary for 10 years so I fully understand.  And as a man I've learned from her experiences not allowing even police to see where they harbor the sheltered for no one is truly safe.  That is a sad mark on us all.  Keep moving forward MV one step at a time.

LustyBustyLark Dec 1 2017

Your mom does amazing work. Thank you. I almost ended up in a shelter myself but ended up with friends instead thankfully ❤

YoursTruly Dec 1 2017

Great job you guys are so inspiring! I am so proud to be part of a site like MV.<3<3

Thank you! 
Yes, we are many!
I had a boss at one of my dayjobs make a very bold, unwanted move on me. I will leave it at that.
This is something that needs to be discussed! Taboo no more!

Sarah Rae Dec 1 2017

Jesus Christ. We will never end anything. Putting lipstick on your cheeks literally does nothing. Can we please just get a higher payout already?

YoursTruly Dec 1 2017

You sound like a broken record. Here is an idea. If you aren't happy, leave?:-#

Sarah Rae Dec 1 2017

Lol what a great idea. I'll go ahead and do that for you right now.

YoursTruly Dec 1 2017

Maybe if I try and repeat it 10x, eventually you will do it? That seems to be your logic.:]

Sarah Rae Dec 1 2017

There's nothing illogical about asking for a raise.

YoursTruly Dec 1 2017

Over and over and over and over and over. And over. I have no problem getting 60% in order for them to innovate. There are plenty of other places to go, who do absolutely nothing for 10 years. Please go there.

Sarah Rae Dec 1 2017

Everyone on this site doesn't have to feel the same way as you. I've never attacked you for anything you've posted on here so there's literally no reason for you to do that to me. Everyone is allowed to post their comments on this blog as many times as they want to. If you don't like mine then just ignore them.

YoursTruly Dec 1 2017

I tried to ignore them, article after article, even destiny diaz made great points. Lost cause I guess... Gl with your demands..

Sarah Rae Dec 1 2017

Maybe try harder?  I don't care what you or anyone else thinks about my comments, I will continue to voice my opinions to this company who doesn't really care about these issues btw. This is just a quick end of the year tax break for them.

YoursTruly Dec 1 2017

Yes, the whole world is fake, and you seem to know it all... Please tell us more. That is such an ignorant statement, but again I am not surprised.

Sarah Rae Dec 1 2017

No I don't think everything is fake, just stuff like this. Lol yes of course everyone that doesn't agree with you is ignorant. Its funny, I haven't insulted you once in this conversation, yet you've called me ignorant, illogical, demanding and told me to leave the site. I'll be ignoring your comments now. Much success in your adult career.

Gingerlovex Dec 1 2017


Marissa Sweet Dec 2 2017

This is just so grossly disrespectful to the individual girls who took part in this. </3 I think at a certain point if you continue to put your content on a site that you perceive as having no respect for you because they won't raise payout, that says a lot more about you than anything.

Sarah Rae Dec 3 2017

You don't know anything about me. All of these sites suck so it really doesn't matter which one I'm on. We will never end any of these tragedies. Its up to everyone individually to lift themselves up and get themselves out of these situations. My problem isn't really with the payout, its with stuff like this being done instead of giving a higher payout. If you don't want to give the models more of their hard earned money then fine, but just don't lie to me and tell me that you care. If this site really cared about models being abused and all the other problems that may come up in their lives, then they would give a higher payout to ALL so that EVERYONE would be more financially able to get themselves out of these situations. Instead they are just trying to make some cash disappear before tax season and telling everyone to put lipstick on their face. The charity will only help a select few and we don't even know where the money is going.

YoursTruly Dec 3 2017

You assuming that they don't care and only do this for tax break is the exact same as others assuming we are whores because we are in the adult industry and we don't deserve better treatment. These are all assumptions about people  you don't know. It makes total sense that you are against this movement because you share the same characteristics as those who feel targetted by this campaign.

Sarah Rae Dec 3 2017

Lol they literally just retweeted this article on their Twitter account about a male performer, ChristianXXX, that reportedly has been abusing women in the industry for years,, yet they still allow him to have a video store on this site His account is still up, even after they read and retweeted that article as part of their "stop the abuse" fight. Does that sound like a company that cares?

Starisstarving Dec 1 2017

Great job manyvids. Thanks for getting everyone involved with such an awesome thing! Glad to be a part of this

Kelli Autumn
Kelli Autumn deleted Nov 30 2017

This is hypocritical. You *never* banned performers that masturbated in public places near children. You simply had them delete their porn & swept it under the rug; Just like most businesses do with sexual abuse/harassment. If you really care, do better.

Siansunrise Nov 30 2017

This is such an important issue.. I applaud this initiative ManyVids. As a survivor my heart thanks you too.

ElizabethLove Nov 30 2017

Wow! This is definitely something that needs to be discussed. I love this. Will retweet on Twitter! Love you all ❤️

RemiReagan Nov 30 2017

So glad to be a part of this! Thank you for standing up for sex workers! Let's all stick together and take a stand!

Leina Sex Nov 30 2017

We are Many!!!

ImMeganLive Nov 30 2017

Great cause! Great video! :A

Aerie_SM Nov 30 2017

What percentage of sales is being donated? :)

fixy_1 Dec 1 2017

Good question.   I'd like to know that too.

Samie Sutton Nov 30 2017

I am honored to be a part of this campaign! Thank you so much for doing what you're doing for all of us! We indeed are many! I will proudly post my pic for this cause! #WeAreMany <3

Roxanna Nov 30 2017

Thank you for the chance to be part of this campaign. We really are many and together we can prove it <3<3

Thank you for starting this campaign. Personally I experienced this type of abuse when I was shooting for a particular BDSM company in LA in January 2013. You have my full support.

Ryumoau Nov 30 2017

Thank you so much for what you’re doing. This is why i almost exclusively choose ManyVids as my place to buy content. :)

Bangin Britt Nov 30 2017

I will be proudly posting my Picts this afternoon!!

Bangin Britt Nov 30 2017

Loving MV for all it does!  I especially love that MV raises awareness in the industry, and the support they give back! Proud MV girl here! #wearemany

SunglassesPio Nov 30 2017

Thank you for doing this and working for the dignity and free development of a safe sexuality! <3

Nina_Love_ Nov 30 2017

Amazing ad with a empowering message, and yes, we are many!

tongueandspit Nov 30 2017

Love this!

Adira Eiffel Nov 30 2017

#WeAreMany ‼️‼️‼️‼️

DestinyDiaz Nov 30 2017

Amazing, I am so proud to be an MV girl right now I will be posting my photos for this so soon! #WeAreMany

CammiCams Nov 30 2017

What can I do if another sex worker is abusing me and got me suspended for a week because of her abuse?

ScarletRaven Nov 30 2017

So very proud to be a MV Girl!

misssweetteen Nov 30 2017

Incredible, I need to spread this here in Brazil urgently!

This is so amazing!!! Thank you so much

AlluringAli25 Nov 30 2017

This so so great!!! Absolutely love the video. <3

Penny Plush Nov 30 2017

Good Message. :)

lumlumxx Nov 30 2017


AdalynnX Nov 30 2017

Love it! <3<3

Hentaidreamgirl Nov 30 2017

Ah thank you! <3

Zarramar Dec 3 2017

B| I just wanted to say I respect you

You are a sweetheart!

Heel2toeaction Nov 30 2017

LOVE IT! The video was great as well! Nice job MV

Joanne Kitten Nov 30 2017

Such a powerful message. #WeAreMany <3

Chrystofax Nov 30 2017

i dont want to be a dumbass but isnt it sad you have to fight for it ?

LustyBustyLark Dec 1 2017

Isn't it though? But sadly, it's true.

BrianaBooty_Del deleted Nov 30 2017

Slut shaming is part of the problem. I'm glad this was recognized here.

forbesfield1970 Nov 30 2017

I love it!This is an excellent campaign!

Hookahqueeen Nov 30 2017

Finally! Let’s end the abuse! 💕

curvymodelmilf Nov 30 2017


luuvtscandi Nov 30 2017

this is great !! it's about time attention is brought to the violence

LilyxMansfield Nov 30 2017

Let’s do it together.

Lily Allegro Nov 30 2017

Hope this reaches many

Coming together to make a difference; 2k18 will be a wonderful year!

Awesomeness! And models when people try sex shaming you, remember this. This is your life! Be proud of who you are and what you do no matter what anyone says.

Maiwen Love Nov 30 2017


NickyDicky143 Nov 30 2017

This is AWESOME!!!! Such a great campaign <3

This is a great cause. Nice work Manyvids!


Lets do it

Princess18 Nov 30 2017


Aspen Snow Nov 30 2017

We stand united!

Cattie Nov 30 2017

I'm soo for this! Thank you for your continuous support MV<3

Zarramar Dec 3 2017

I just wanted to say I respect you too ;)

Cattie Dec 3 2017


Erotic Eva Nov 30 2017

yes we are <3

BuxomBabee Nov 30 2017

YES! YES! Lets DO THIS! I challenge everyone who is reading this!!

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